Thursday, 5 June 2014

Mudskippers get Bitten too

What do sandflies bite when people are not around?  I know they bite herons on the skin around their eyes whilst the poor heron is trying to stand motionless to catch a fish.  The herons certainly feel them.  But do sandflies also bite the smaller ground dwelling animals like crabs and mudskippers.

Barred mudskipper
Mudskipper being bitten by a sandfly
It appears mudskippers are on the menu.  Crabs may also be on the menu but they can only be bitten in joints and I have seen crabs flicking something off, but I am not sure if they were fending off sandflies.  More research.  However sandflies are not the only thing to worry about.  Below a mudskipper has a fish louse on its head.  Fish lice chew flesh.

Barred mudskipper with a fish louse

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