About this website

This website tries to:
  1. Provide information in a form that is useful for school teachers and tour guides who teach about mangroves and estuaries;
  2. Tell the full story about animals and plants including what they do and why they choose the places where they live;
  3. Provide important but easy questions for people who want to do science and a framework for people to want to monitor ecosystems (i.e defining what is good or bad);
  4. Fill the vacuum that exists in the net for many mangrove animals and plants – there are still creatures out there that Google does not know about; and
  5. Demonstrating that spending time in the field and sharing our direct observations is incredibly important to our personal/professional knowledge and to our collective knowledge.

About me

I am a principal environmental consultant who works on mining and infrastructure projects. There is always a need to improve the information base that is used for the environmental impact assessment process and I am always observing the environment so that I know how it works when I am called on to write a report. There is a revolution taking place in data collection and aerial imagery and other forms of remote sensing can now map the environment as a scale of centimetres and I am one of the pioneer in using this type of information. Increasing what we are lacking is an understanding of how the environment we are studying actually works. Some information is available in scientific papers however obtaining them can be very difficult and extracting useful information is time consuming and requires a lot of subject knowledge.  Increasingly, I wish that I could do science on demand to fill the gaps, instead of just consuming science already done by others. This web site is all about lowering the entry barrier to doing the science that is needed to understand how a particular ecosystem works.

Contact me

forestsea (at) westnet (dot) com (dot) au.

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