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Archer Point (Cooktown), amphipods in beach
Archer Point (Cooktown), rafts of pumice
boulder beach near Cairns
Cardwell foreshore, popeye mullet
Cardwell foreshore, post Cyclone Yasi
Clifton Beach, river surfing
Cowley Beach, post Cyclone Yasi
Edmund Kennedy National Park, post Cyclone Yasi
Giangurra, near Yarrabah
Grasstree Beach - Sarina
Halliday Bay
Holloways Beach South - erosion by Barr Creek
Holloways, fish with shark bites
Holloways, vegetation change over decades
Karumba, sunset and Beach rock at Karumba
Lamberts - Mackay
Machans Beach, sand flats and springtails
Machans Beach, seawall reconstruction
Meunga Creek Mouth, Cyclone Yasi impact
Mission Beach, Cyclone Yasi impact
Nudgee Beach, mangrove boardwalk
Pormpuraaw, wild beach in Gulf of Carpentaria
Wangetti Beach, endangered littoral rainforest, endangered littoral rainforest
Yarrabah, native foredune vegetation
Yorkeys Knob Beach, fauna of swash zone
Yorkeys Knob, recovery after erosion
Ardea sumartrana (Great-billed heron)
Beach Stone-curlew (Esacus magnirostris)
Beach Stone-curlew preying on crabs
Cyclopsitta diophthalma (double-eyed fig-parrot)
Double-eyed fig parrot, nesting preferences
Double-eyed fig parrot, chick leaving nest hollow
Double-eyed fig parrot, chick-butcher bird predation
Double-eyed fig parrot, race Coxeni-possible old nest hollows
Double-eyed fig-parrot, incubating eggs/feeding
Double-eyed fig-parrot, race Macleayana as model for Coxeni
Esacus magnirostris (Beach Stone-curles), preying on crab
Frugivorous birds in a forest mangrove tree
Great White Egret (Ardea alba)
Great White Egret and sandflies
Great-billed Heron (Ardea sumartrana)
Jabiru-hunting near crab pot
Kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae)
Mangrove Kingfisher (Todiramphus chloris)
Migratory bird habitat, Yule Point (Port Douglas)
Orange-footed Scrub Fowl (Megapodius reinwardt)
Oystercatcher, Pied
Pelican trapped by fishing line
Pelicans flying at dusk
Pelicans roosting on sandbars
Swamp-oak (Casuarina glauca (Swamp oak)) forest as habitat
Swan flying with pelicans at dusks
Todiramphus chloris (Mangrove Kingfisher)
Wader habitat, Cairns Esplanade
White-faced Heron (Egretta novaehollandiae)
Coastal processes
Barr Creek mouth and tidal sand movements (Cairns)
Beach Erosion and Accretion, Ellie Point (Cairns)
Beach in very high rainfall area
Erosion and recovery of Yorkeys Knob Beach (Cairns)
Floods and creek mouths
Landslide, largest in Australian history
Longshore drift and creek mouths
Coastal Protection
Hauling sand with trucks, Holloways Beach (Cairns)
Machans Beach seawall mid-construction (Cairns)
Machans Beach, seawall reconstruction late-construction
Gove NT
Island Point (Port Douglas)
Marine plains near Weipa
Southern Gulf of Carpentaria
Fossil reefs, Yule Point (Port Douglas)
Living inshore corals, Pretty Beach (Port Douglas)
Albunea symmysta (Mole Crab)
Cardisoma carnifex (Lairo crab)
Cleaning Sonneratia pneumatophores
Common Moon Crab (Matuta victor)
Conobita variabilis (terrestrial hermit crab)
Effect of a major cyclone on populations
Fiddler Crab feeding patterns
Fiddler crab, caching mud balls (video)
Fiddler crab, lifespan
Fiddler crab, potential predators
Fiddler crab, predators
Fiddler crab, sealing burrows (video)
Fiddler crabs, unbaking behaviour
Giant land crab (Lairo)
Guide to Queensland Fiddler Crabs
Hermit crab, eating sand dollar
Hermit crab, mud crab predation
Hermit crab, terrestrial pet trade
Hippa pacifica (Mole Crab)
how to key out to species
Lairo crab (Cardisoma carnifex)
Matuta victor (Common Moon Crab)
Mole Crab (Albunea symmysta)
Mud Crab (Sylla serrata), habitat and prey
predation by fish
Predation by Rakali
Sentinel Crab (Macrophthalmus spp.)
Soldier Crab (Myctis longicarpus), predatation
Terrestrial Hermit Crab (Coenobita variablis) habitat
Uca coarctata
Uca crassipes
Uca dussumieri, caching mud balls
Uca dussumieri, colour changes with size
Uca dussumieri, large individual
Uca dussumieri, predated
Uca elegans
Uca longidigitata
Uca signata
Uca triangularis
Uca vomeris
Uca vomeris, geographical variation S.E. Qld to NT
Barr Creek-Cairns, natural estuarine pH
Blind Barron-Cairns, acidic waters
Blind Barron-Cairns, mangrove encroachment
Bulimba Creek-Brisbane
Creek clogged with rafts of Pumice
Meunga Creek-Cardwell, cyclone damage
Palm Cove-Cairns, elvers
Richters Creek- Cairns, mud crab prey
Richters Creek-Cairns, fiddler crab predators
Crocs and people at creek mouths, Cairns area
On beach and riverbanks in Pormpuraaw (Gulf of Carpentaria)
Cyclone Dylan, effects of a small calm storm surge
Cyclone Larry
Cyclone Yasi vs. Tully Heads seawall
Cyclone Yasi, damage to coastal areas
Cyclone Yasi, Meunga Creek Mouth
Dead mangrove swamps 3 years after Category 5 cyclone
Effects on tidal flats
Impact on turtle and dugong habitat
Mangrove destruction
Cairns shipping channel
Holloways Beach, sand replenishment
Diadema sea urchin
Sand dollar
Ecological Change
Cairns mud flats changing into sand flats
Environmental Monitoring
see also Technology
Coastal processes using aerial imagery
Geotagged photos
Barnacles in trees
Cairns Marina
Crocodile slide
Dugong feeding trails
Floating mangrove flotsam
Inside mangrove logs
Intertidal rock pools, Island Point (Port Douglas)
Jellyfish, Box
Large amphipods in beach, Archer Point (Cooktown)
Mangrove Flatworms
Native Water Rat (Hydromys chrysogaster)
Nocturnal predators, mangrove forest floor
On floating debris
Pantinonemertes sp. (a mangrove ribbon worm) [video]
Pumice rafts
Rakali (Hydromys chrysogaster)
Sand flat, hidden fauna
Sea slug (Elysia bangtawaensis) with chloroplasts
Striped Possum sign
Swash Zone
Anguilla reinhardtii (longfin eel)
Archerfish, Sevenspot
Batfish (Platax spp)
Cutlass Fish (Lepturacanthus salva)
Eel, longfin (Anguilla reinhardtii)
Extinct Megalodon Shark
Grunter, Largescale (Terapon theraps)
Hairtail (Lepturacanthus salva )
Leatherjacket, mimicking bark
Lepturacanthus salva (Hairtail)
Longtom (Tylosurus)
Mangrove Dart fish (Parioglossus interruptus)
Mudskipper catching a shrimp
Mudskipper parasites
Mudskipper, Barred (Periophthalmus argentilineatus)
Mullet Diamond-scale, juvenile
Mullet popeye (Rhinomugil nasutus)
Parioglossus interruptus (Mangrove Dart fish)
Pilot Fish
Platax spp
Rhinomugil nasutus (Popeye mullet)
Shark bites on other fish
Sphaeroides pleurostictus (banded toad fish)
Stonefish, Estuarine - feeding at surface
Foredune vegetation
Pormpuraaw, wild beach in Gulf of Carpentaria
Bauxite cliffs in Gove NT
Beach rock at Karumba
Beach rock in Gove NT
Cracking clays
Granite slopes and landslides
indurated hardpan in Central Queensland
Iso-static rebound north of Cairns
Laterite in beach in Gove NT
Metamorphics (Barron River) Hills near Cairns
Pumice rafts from NZ region
Rocky shore near Sarina
Geology,Volcanic history of Mackay Coast
Insects vs Crustaceans in the mangroves
Locusts in mangroves
Mangrove Ant (Polyrhachis sokolova)
Polyrhachis sokolova (Mangrove ant)
Sandflies, what they bite besides people
Springtails living in intertidal sand flats
Tiger beetles
Wasps hunting wolf spiders
Garden Island (Cardwell)
Nearshore Islands - Mackay Coast
Acid drainage from mangrove soils
Acid sulfate soil formation
Bird strike at Brisbane Airport
Carbon sequestration by mangroves
Irukandji Jellyfish
Ozone depletion and plant pigmentation
Vehicle traffic impacts on beach biodiversity
Karumba, sunset and Beach rock at Karumba
Mangrove Species
Aegialitis annulata
Avicennia eucalyptifolia
Ceriops tagal forest
Forest Mangrove (Carallia brachiata)
Guide to Ceriops spp.
Lumnitzera racemosa
Mangrove walks
Tabbil-ban (Nudgee Beach, Brisbane)
Adaptation to toxic anoxic soils
Avicennia eucalyptifolia, Karumba
Cyclone damage
Difference from beach vegetation
Encroaching on abandoned river mouth
Evolution across landward zone
Evolution due techtonic uplift
Evolution from beach vegetation
Evolution via brackish back-swamps
Freshwater tidal
Landward transition zone
Mangrove associates
Propagule being eaten by hermit crabs
Root systems, sub-surface structure
Tannins, leather staining
Wounds caused by floating objects
Zonation, Port Musgrave
Encrusting organisms on walkways, Cairns
Batfish - mangrove leaves
Bailer shell
Beach made of cockle shells
Donax cuneatus (Cuneate Wedgeshell)
Elysia bangtawaensis (Mangrove-leaf slug)
Hermit crab shells
Mud creepers (includes Telescopium)
Nerita costata
Oyster Reefs, Far North Queensland
Oysters on peg roots, Karumba
Sea hare
Squid in mangrove flotsam
Sub-fossils in uplifted mud in PNG
Telescopium telescopium (mud whelk)
Teredo (Shipworm)
Tropical Pipi (Donax cuneatus)
Nothern Territory
Hermit crab, terrestrial pet trade
Papua New Guinea
Recently uplifted seabed
Sunset, Machans Beach
Batis argillicola
Baumea sp.
Calophyllum inophyllum root system
Carallia brachiata (forest mangrove)
Casuarina glauca (Swamp oak)
Ficus racemosa (Cluster fig)
Halosarcia sp
Milletia (Pongamia) pinnata
Myrmecodia becarri (Spiny ant plant)
Panicum trachyrhachis
Saltwater Couch (Sporobolus virginicus)
Sargassum on inshore reefs
Swamp-oak (Casuarina glauca)
Syzygium forte (a White Apple)
Terminalia catappa root system
Xerochloa imberbis (Northern rice grass)
Coral bleaching
Inshore coral
Yule, Wentworth - near Port Douglas
Acrochordus granulatus (Little file snake)
Dermochelys coriacea (Leatherback turtle)
Leatherback Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea)
Turtles on Yule Reef
River mouth
Barr Creek, abandoned Barron River mouth
Barron River, hidden fauna
Barron River, intertidal insects
Barron River, professional sunset photography
Chapman River, Pormpuraaw (Gulf of Carpentaria)
Moon River (Yorkeys Knob)
Barron River, formation of new mouth
Barron River, sediment supply
North Endeavour River (Cooktown), tidal freshwater reaches
Salt pans
Endeavour River, Cooktown
Pormpuraaw, wild beach in Gulf of Carpentaria
Port Douglas area
Saltwater Couch (Sporobolus virginicus) grassland-Yorkeys Knob (Cairns)
Sand flats
Coquette Point, Innisfail
Hidden fauna
Lota (Brisbane)
Machans Beach, sand flats and springtails
Machans Beach, sunset photography
Yule Point (Port Douglas)
Disappearing (Cairns)
Evidence from fossil corals and barnacles
History, North Queensland
Asian Paste Shrimp (Acetes sibogae)
Jelly Prawn (Acetes sibogae)
see also Environmental Monitoring
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Barr Creek mouth geomorphology
Changes to beach vegetation
Colonisation of landslide debris
Colonisation of new beach at Ellie Point (Cairns)
Effect of salinity from storm surge on beach vegetation
Grasslands of Weipa and Port Musgrave
Littoral rainforest, Wangetti Beach
Samphire and saltwater couch grasslands, Bulimba Creek (Brisbane)
Samphire, Port Douglas
Succulents (Cooktown)
Water quality
Acidic waters
Acidic waters and tannin staining
Hydrogen sulfide
Singapore daisy
Yorkeys Knob Beach
Brackish pools, Pormpuraaw
Hemmant Recreation Reserve