Monday, 2 June 2014

Granddaddy of Fiddler Crabs

This is probably the largest fiddler crab I have seen in my life.  Like an old bull elephant, it was living alone some distance from a large colony of conspecifics.  I saw the crab from a boat and was able to take a photo without disturbing him.  I may go back and drop a ruler on the ground near his hole, take a photo when he comes out and measure him without hurting him.  My guess that his nipper is around 80 mm long when around 50 is closer to average.

Uca dussumieri

Life in the colony which was about 30 m away is intense and the big guy is probably looking to retire somewhere quiet.

Uca dussumieri, Uca vomeris
Uca dussumieri and U vomeris

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